Sunday, 22 September 2013

#iROCK kick off alert for all northern NIgeria entertainers

The most anticipated online program brought to you by TOP ENTERTAINMENTS created and designed by promo strategist Ibrahim Jika is set to kick of today 23rd September 2013 with the list of nominated northern Nigeria entertainers that rocked the month of September and be crowned queen and king in their field of specialization as they can be proud to say yes #iROCK September. The simple logic is for any entertainer to ROCK a certain month he/she must have the highest number of fans votes which shows acceptance and appreciation of fans for a job well done by their favorite celebrity. The #iROCK Awards presentation which shall be taking place annually in the city of Kaduna in respect to those entertainers that have the highest number of months for #iROCK.
The artiste to ROCK a particular month automatically makes him/her 'THE ARTISTE OF THE MONTH' and if able to maintain fans votes then can actually hit and have an award to grab by the end of the year.

First, we start with states votes before we go out to the whole region...
We all ought to support and appreciate what we have right before us and take it as far as we can.
To all the entertainers to be nominated, good-luck and have a friendly challenge and competition.

Let's ROCK if you know you really ROCK!!!

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