Thursday, 26 September 2013


There has been a gurus producers war going on between 3 heavy weight champions from the #iROCK nominees to qualify for #TESAwards 2013/2014. Click to see complete list of nominees (CLICK)

The to and fro movement of the votes these 3 very talented producers are getting is giving me a cause to worry on who will really make this tournament in one piece?

I tried to get answers but hey, you are the fans, you are the ones voting so you tell me more. And by the way all these while I was talking about JAHBWAI, DOLLARZ INFINITY, AND SAINTY OF 64bits studios.

To know how this is going, drop your thoughts in the comment box bellow and let’s have a taste of some early gossip. As for me I say ‘HE WILL WIN’. In case you wondering who, I mean the best in the kitchen shall win, I don’t mean best in cooking but cooking beats and digesting it, in fact in even excreting it. Now you know I went to biology class. (Laughter)

Too MUCH talking, bring it on; WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN THAT AWARD???   

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