Friday, 13 September 2013


Hello everyone, your favourite entertainment platform TOP ENTERTAINMENTS is here with a special package that is lined to boost the fans reach of entertainers from the northern region of Nigeria. This is a very special project because we are giving both fans and the celebrities a say on when it comes to promotion.

Alright here we go I know you impatiently wanting to read what it is, here we go:
This programme is called ‘iROCKED’ with a tag of which month you rocked, it is a programme that gives fans the freedom to vote for the artiste, model, comedian, MC, dancer, actor/actress that rocked more for a certain month. It is also said to be the most heard artiste of the month(music category), the more the number of votes an entertainer manages to get the greater his/her chances of staying on the TOP for as long as he/she can maintain his/her fans connection(reach).


By doing so, we are creating a friendly challenge between the entertainers.
Fans can have a say (freedom) to choose which entertainer they enjoy more and if they want to crown him/her.
The entertainers would have a sense of responsibility toward their fans.
It will boost the entertainment industry of the sector.
There would be unity among the entertainers as they can see every month a new face might keep showing up and showcasing what he/she has to offer.
It would make the online media a reliable means of promotion, information and also a source of a life time connection.   


Music artistes
Fashion designers
And more...

These are few of the positive effects this programme shall bring to the northern region.
100% fair and secure...

More information will be coming to you soon...

You are free to drop your question(s) in the comment box below

This is something we all need around, play your part by sharing this and supporting the movement. 

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