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Hello and welcome to #TOPCHART season II: I wanted to use a different introduction but I couldn’t because I was listening to E GO BETTER by (......) Omokoz, I would have wished you listening to that song right now. Any way back to our normal programme, we have a multi-talented young Nigerian super star on #TOPCHART today. I would have enjoyed introducing him myself but is best you get to know him yourselves... Enjoy, surely you will...

Chart as follows:

#teamTOP: Welcome to #TOPCHART

Emmyli Omokogz Thanks you, and thanks for having me on #Topchart

#teamTOP: Our readers would like to know who we have for them today, can you introduce yourself please?

Emmyli Omokogz Am Emmyli aka yesofcos an artist and a producer.

#teamTOP: So emmyli let's talk about your career, how did you end up being a multi talented young man? I mean musician and a producer

Emmyli Omokogz Well I will say it all started ever since I was young "just like peak is in me" (laughter) the more u push the more u grow bigger that's my believe and is working 4 me

#teamTOP: How has it been since then? I mean trying to get there?

Emmyli Omokogz Well is not that easy but GOD is always there 4 me so I will keep moving till am there

#teamTOP: Good point, you started back in Kaduna state. And now u out, what was the secret?

Emmyli Omokogz Yep I started in kd but now am out of kd because I don't just want to be a king known only in my area I want to be a king that will be recognize all over

#teamTOP: How do you classify your type of music?

Emmyli Omokogz I do afro-pop and R&B

#teamTOP: Your pattern of music is always about humanity why do you choose that?

Emmyli Omokogz Well I do all kind of music it all depend on what came when am trying to put a song down

#teamTOP: Songs like someday, I dey salute and e go better are some of the most heard songs of yours, why do u think made it so?

Emmyli Omokogz I do my songs base on inspiration I don't just do song because I wanna do it

#teamTOP: Nice one, are you signed to any record company?

Emmyli Omokogz Well 4 now we are still working on some things

#teamTOP: Meaning?

Emmyli Omokogz I can't disclose it right now

#teamTOP: Fair enough, so what was your greatest achievement ever?

Emmyli Omokogz Was my performance in Ghana

#teamTOP: Wow! The northern region of Nigeria is left behind when it comes to entertainment, why is that so?

Emmyli Omokogz Yes because we don't have people that really believes in entertainment there

#teamTOP: You are some of the A list artiste making waves from the north, what can you tell the new comers?

Emmyli Omokogz All they need to do is to work hard and stay focus

#teamTOP: Nice one, any future project coming from you that the readers should know about?

Emmyli Omokogz Yep am working on some new songs will be having @jumabee on one of them called #MY MOTO

#teamTOP: Looks like we need to get some better headphones.
So, if other companies want to work with you how can they do that? Because am sure lots of companies and shows organisers might already have interest in you like we also did.

Emmyli Omokogz They can follow on twitter @emmyliomokogz or mail us on or call +2348178278818

#teamTOP: So before we go, among the female artistes we have who is your crush? No pass

Emmyli Omokogz (laughter) ok hummmm is no other than Chidinma that lady too much

#teamTOP: LOL... So finally who are your top 3 northern acts?

Emmyli Omokogz DH,praise adejo,phero no beef please...

#teamTOP: Now this is how we end it, what can you say about this interview #TOPCHART?

Emmyli Omokogz Big up to #TOPCHART I really enjoy my time with you guys, God bless.

#teamTOP: Amen and thank you for your time.
Do I have to repeat myself? I don’t think so, this guy murder the questions like say he dey with a gun (Olamide saying). I don’t even need to ask if you had a great time or not because am sure you all did because I also did and am listening to the next track which is I DEY SALUTE by same EMMYLI OMOKOGZ. Expect more from this northern treasure and God bless all of our readers.


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