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#TOPCHART: Exclusive interview with PRINCESS DXKEEZ

Hello and welcome to #TOPCHART, we actually brought up a lot of uniqueness today, I shouldn’t even be saying anything about this artiste, she is someone you already know and celebrate because I can remember shaking my head for ANACONDA and all the guys must have had an anaconda rise when watching her video ‘GUYS VS GIRLS’ (am just saying because I did). Let me not talk much, enjoy and I shall be on the other side when you are done.

The chart as follows:
#teamTOP: Welcome to #TOPCHART season II

PRINCESS DXKEEZ: Thanks, Happy to be here too

#teamTOP: thousands of readers out there would like who we have on #TOPCHART, can you please introduce yourself?

PRINCESS DXKEEZ:  That very good girl Princezz Dxkey, ya all call me Kezz

 #teamTOP: so what are you into? Am sure our readers are now all eyes open to hear from you

PRINCESS DXKEEZ: Am fully into Hip-Hop, Dancehall Ragga Music and all that. Abuja No. 1 female artist.. No take it back

 #teamTOP: Wow! you just showed up and now you are on every blog, website, and the media. How did you achieved that?

PRINCESS DXKEEZ: First of all, every promoter out there will tell you its about good music. My good music i believe got me where i am now, i remember makinde of naijaloaded good remark on my latest video. It shows am doing well. It all about good music

#teamTOP: The first song people got to know you nationwide was azonto sex with a video for it. What was the idea behind that very song? And did you record other songs before or is your 1st?

PRINCESS DXKEEZ:  I have BEEN in the music game since 2008 and official made it a career in 2010, i had songs like Queen of Collabo, Hot African Girls (Video coming soon) etc.. Azonto Sex was never planned, we were just freestyling in our homezone and before you know it the song was formed.. When the audio came out, everyone love it, so we decided to do a small video for it..

#teamTOP: And the song became known all over the country. How can you describe your style of music? You are known for some you sexy lyrics and all...

PRINCESS DXKEEZ:  The sexy lyrics started late last year, the people love for it gave me more inspiration and continuation. My style of music is music itself, today i might be doing this and tomorrow am doing it . i just write and sing as the inspiration comes.

#teamTOP: That is really interesting, so you also have a blog ( what's going on down there?

PRINCESS DXKEEZ:  Its an Entertainment and News Blog, and also a platform for upcoming artist music to be promoted and heard since most of the blogs hardly support the upcoming arts and of-course we only upload good music

#teamTOP: That is a very nice move, now coming to deep music. You are under the management of Mysterious music world, can you tell us what is going on down there?

PRINCESS DXKEEZ:  It’s an Abuja Based Record label with partners in Lagos and South-Africa..

#teamTOP: So you own it or?

Goephrey Dxkey Princezzkeez I co-owned it (Co-Executive)

#teamTOP: How many artistes do you have under same platform?

PRINCESS DXKEEZ:  Three currently - Me, Timbrel and M-Star

#teamTOP: How have you been going with your career? Challenges, promo, work all other stuffs like that?

PRINCESS DXKEEZ: Well, we had a plan and procedure and we are working according to target. It’s definitely challenging but it is as expected and we are pulling through

#teamTOP: That's nice, so any future project(s) coming soon from keyz?

PRINCESS DXKEEZ: Definitely!! We are currently scripting the video of Anaconda and it will be shot in Lagos soon. We are also working on a new Ragga Dancehall featuring one of naija superstar (Details withheld)

#teamTOP: What can you say about the northern Nigerian music as an industry?

PRINCESS DXKEEZ: One sentence - Lagging behind but pulling through

#teamTOP: What do you think is the cause of that?

PRINCESS DXKEEZ: Well for everything in life there is a starting point before it will expand.. The east (Ontisha) was the largest market till Lagos took over, even the south is doing good now. The North is rising and will definitely get there if the push continues. A lot people prefer to eat from where the food is ready and no one wants to partake in the cooking. The few cooks in the north will definitely give rise to entertainment in the North

#teamTOP: Thank you, there are lots of other female artistes out there, what do you think makes you special and different from them?

PRINCESS DXKEEZ: Me being me.. Everyone is different and that's the way we were made. So the fact that i am me makes me special in my own way

#teamTOP: Thank you, how do you feel being celebrated nationwide?

PRINCESS DXKEEZ:  The same way you feel when your work is appreciated, I feel blessed.

#teamTOP: Now let’s get personal; who among the male Nigerian stars do you have a crush on? No skipping the question...

PRINCESS DXKEEZ: Sincerely none, I like the charisma of Flavour and Peter of p-square, but crushes NO.

#teamTOP: Now we ending it traditionally, what do you think of this interview #TOPCHART?

PRINCESS DXKEEZ:  Is a great platform for the fans to hear and know a lot about their artist, you people are doing a wonderful job and am happy about that.

#teamTOP: Thank you for your time...

PRINCESS DXKEEZ: Thank you too..

I can sense someone saying ‘is that all? C’mon we need more’, the truth is I also need more, but hey what’s for season III if we already finish all the milk in the freezer? That was Princess DXKEEZ ladies and gentle men; you shall be seeing more of her on this platform regularly.

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