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#TOPCHART: Exclusive interview with JUMABEE

Hello and welcome to #TOPCHART. Today we have a very special guest with us; he is someone who has been making a lot of waves on our radio, TV and online with his hit song CASSAVE featuring Nigeria’s A-list music stars. This is an interview you don’t want to miss for any reason; he shall be talking a lot about him and his career as we proceed. Enjoy...

The chart as follows:

#teamTOP: Welcome to #TOPCHART, can you please introduce yourself?

JUMABEE: Am Juwon Demas Olorunnipa (Jumabee) from d middle belt region of d country (kogi precisely).

#teamTOP: Nice having you, so can you tell us how you started music and how?

JUMABEE:  My family is a musically inclined one where mummy happens to be a chorister, My elder brother (sleeq) d first choir master in our church and I was privileged to b the choir secretary..So it runs in the blood..But professionally 7yrs back.

#teamTOP: How many songs do you have so far?

JUMABEE:  If am to start counting the number of songs I have recorded I might lost count because I don't think there is any day that passes by without me coming up with something.

#teamTOP: You sang CASSAVA which is still one of the noise making song online and on media, what was the idea behind it?

JUMABEE: Hmmmmmmm, the idea behind d viral spread of cassava is that God who I strongly believe in and that internal energy I never allow to quench even when the need arises..Also, the acts on the song who did d feature from their hearts, not forgetting d OAP's,Dj's,Tv's,bloggers for constantly supporting.

#teamTOP: How have music been paying so far?

JUMABEE:   When you have a target the income might not really be a major but so far so good God's been wonderful..

#teamTOP: You are one of the biggest artistes making name in Nigeria and beyond, how does it feels to be among the flying team?

JUMABEE:   It feels great to be doing a thing and u get applause from your audience...For me it simply means I shouldn't relent in the fight for success.

 #teamTOP: What are your main challenges?

JUMABEE:  It’s a different ball game for you to whole heartedly write a song, record n make it go viral..It's a process you can't beat but at the same time challenges to someone like me is a norm.

#teamTOP: What do you think of the northern entertainment industry?

JUMABEE:  Growth is gradual and we are gradually hitting a target, so the determinant factor is nothing but time.

#teamTOP: Can you tell us and the readers about the S2DB Entertainment?

JUMABEE:   S2DB ENT. Is like a tree that's got so many branches making music a part of it..We are into events, management, fashion, kitchen and all..With my elder brother sleeq as d president and myself the Vice..

 #teamTOP: Any future projects coming from you? The readers would want to know.

JUMABEE: Yes I don't like discussing my projects before unleashing but for my fans "cassava" with facts was just a rehearsal for the movie will hit them soon.

#teamTOP: Do you have a crush on any of the Nigerian females’ celebrities?

 JUMABEE:  Can’t answer that oooooo.

#teamTOP: What do you have to tell your millions of fans out there?

JUMABEE:  Let no one tell u there's a mountain somewhere for it can be crashed, smashed and cracked down.

#teamTOP: Now we ending it traditionally, what do you think or can say about #TOPCHART?

JUMABEE: I appreciate your time n it was awesome having you guys’ bless up..

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Like I said at the beginning, it is an interview worth spending hours reading, hope you all had a great time with JUMABEE because you will for sure keep hearing from him.

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