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Hello! And welcome to #TOPCHART. Here and now as you made the click to read this interesting interview with Kaduna state born and Benue State University student who has been killing every show and making new friends on a daily basis with his kind of music and voice. I must confess this guy got his song on my play list all day long. I just want you to have a good time with this young talent, have fun and meet me at the other end.

The chart as follows:

#teamTOP: Welcome to #TOPCHART

Fsgeezy: thanks my pleasure

#teamTOP: So please can you please introduce yourself to the readers?

Fsgeezy: I’m fsgeezy in short mr nene

#teamTOP: So fsgee you are a music artiste, a lot of people look up to you. How did you start all these?

Fsgeezy: longest time I remember way back 2008 then in the street of sabo me and my paddy 2beat it all started like joke when 2beat was making beat with his mouth and beating desk with me along it excited me after which i concluded to just feet in since we friends and before you know it mr nene history started

#teamTOP: That's an interesting story, so how did it happen? Getting a studio session and getting people to know you around your hometown?

Fsgeezy: way back then it was really tough for me been the area boy with no money for promo the only thing I engaged in was free show since I was been able to get people to like my song from send me I send you Bluetooth along the line I met my bro kevin tita of which replaytunes and chucks music den gat my back good for me I was also very good on stage so it was easier for me to attract fans too with all my charisma

#teamTOP: That's amazing... So you have some number of songs which after a profiling we noticed you are not a new name on the internet. How many songs do you have now?

Fsgeezy: apart from the numerous hit colabs and futures I have been on I also have 5 hit singles

#teamTOP: Ok, a rumour has it that you just shoot a video not long ago, how true is that?

Fsgeezy: Yea that’s very true with also expectations of my video coming out soon shot and directed by ibrahim jika I must say from all proceedings the video will be nominated for an award

#teamTOP: U sure about that... So any other future projects we should know about?

Fsgeezy: shooting of my sejucimi video

#teamTOP: Okay, when should we be expecting that?

Fsgeezy: following plans to engage in promo for the just concluded video i think beginning next month

#teamTOP: Thank you, what was your biggest achievement?

Fsgeezy: the video shooting of my first hit single legendary street credibility fela kuti reborn

#teamTOP: So as an upcoming artiste, what do you think are the problems or challenges you are facing?

Fsgeezy: promotions for short I need a record deal to blow

#teamTOP: Why do artistes need record label while they can make it on their own?

Fsgeezy: money on their own means family and friends support but in a situation where by that artist has lost all that hand due to conditions what do you expect for the artist to carry on or else he falls

#teamTOP: So, as a northern artiste, what do you think is holding us back?

Fsgeezy: Record deals and promotions if not we have a lot of standard artist who can stand the 
industry like myself.

#teamTOP: Alright, among your songs, which is your biggest concentration?

Fsgeezy: sejucimi

#teamTOP: Thank is good. Do you have any award or nomination?

Fsgeezy: yea best performing art G.W.E and best artist benue state urban mingles who is who in Nigeria awards

#teamTOP: That is a great achievement, so what do you have for your fans out there?

Fsgeezy: fresh shout to all of them as they continue to nenelize with me

#teamTOP: thank you, as a tradition before u go, among the female artistes we have who do you have crush for?

Fsgeezy:tiwa savage luvly she is

#teamTOP: LOL! Finally what can you sau about #TOPCHART?

Fsgeezy: i see #TOPCHART as a great entertainment avenue for artist

#teamTOP: Thanks for your time

Fsgeezy: it’s my pleasure thanks too for the honour.

No doubts this guy is really up to something, what more can I say? Bless! I hope you all enjoyed your time on this very interview, and please we love to see you here most often as we bring to you new interviews on a daily basis. We love you and God bless...

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