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Hello and welcome to #TOPCHART. Today we are going to have a very interesting interview with a producer, singer, song writer, hook destroyer and an entrepreneur. I think is best I leave you guys with our guest; we meet at the other end. Enjoy...

Chart as follows:  

#teamTOP: Welcome to #TOPCHART

Jahbwai: thank you..

#teamTOP: So can you please introduce yourself to the thousands of readers out there?

Jahbwai 1st of all I want to thank God for the talent and privilege given to me and thousands of fans all over the world, my name are Daniel I Dauda known as JAHBWAI an origin of kaduna state DA CROCCITY, am the 3rd born from the family of six (6) am also talented in singing and also ma major profession is MUSIC Production and made me go into music production that made me who iam today

#teamTOP: That's a nice one, Mr.Jahbwai since when have you been into the music scene and did it kick off with you?

Jahbwai: I will say. I was born with music right from my child birth and secondly music. Found me when I was 12yrs old in my early secondary school days but music fully discovered me in the year 2000 when I started playing keyboard and also singing in my church choir that made get strong and confident in facing crowd also with the help of my dad as a pastor also helped me because I always look up to him and now been a producer ma italian artiste tagged me a name PROD MOST PERFECTO

#teamTOP: That's really a long way coming. A lot of people might have already get used with tag 'Jahbwai pon tha beat' since when you where in Kaduna. What exactly is the story behind you owning Jahbeatz studios not in Don Biller records?

Jahbwai: Whew! That's a lot to talk about but there's a saying in pigeon English dat NA PERSON WEY DEY GO SHIT FOR BUSH SABI FLY WEY NO DEY SLEEP...hahahaha. I always like being independent in anything am doing because with that I will expand ma research and rest of mind in doing what am good at, am a focused person when I was with donbiller records I was also planning ma future and it got to a point I need to b independent which result me having ma own studio located now in Abuja

#teamTOP: (LMAO) a year ago we heard you got signed to a certain record label in Lagos and later on the whole story was buried, what exactly happened?

Jahbwai: We couldn't come to proper agreement which left me with no option than reject the offer

#teamTOP: Fair enough. You were also nominated for the GWE Awards last year but it turns out you didn't show up, what really happened?

Jahbwai: First of all I wanna apologise for not attending the award but that was the same time we were on the signing issues and I was having a show, but I was able to send a representative and also was in touch fully on the event

#teamTOP: okay, what are your greatest achievements since u started production?

Jahbwai: My greatest achievement is the acceptance, for the industry to accept is something huge and secondly and most importantly my fans because I have bin able to build ma fans day and night also have produced a lot of artiste that I can't even mention

#teamTOP: That's something. What do you think makes you unique from other Nigerian stars/producers?

Jahbwai: Whew! Truly everybody is unique on his\her own way depending on how u see yourself, but in other hand what made me outstanding is ma unique way of using and playing my sounds and most important thing is the way u relate with your artiste matters a lot because it allow them express and bring out the talent in them, so relate and tolerate a lot... But don’t cross ma line hahahaahahahaha am just kidding mehhhhn!

#teamTOP: (Laughter) the northern entertainment industry has been there for long but moving slow or rather steady. What do you think is the main issue causing this?

Jahbwai: Seriously I won't lie to u its moving slowly and if u will allow me to say is moving very slowly and permit me to say this that its all because of GREED

#teamTOP: How can that be solved then?

Jahbwai: We need to come together and respect individual professionalism and am urging the superstar that knows that they're from north should carry the up and coming along because the greatest successful person is who have people around him

#teamTOP: Exactly. As a producer, mention 3 artistes you enjoyed producing for.

Jahbwai: Hmmmm!!! As a for me I enjoy working with any artiste no matter how small or big I respect all of them because I also started small so I enjoyed and still enjoying working with any artiste that comes my way

#teamTOP: Fair enough, how does it feel to be celebrated?

Jahbwai: What do you expect than me saying sweet? Lol sweet ofcos! But I live every not forgetting were I came from so I still say shout out to KD da croccity because u made me

#teamTOP: As a tradition before we go, which of the female celebrities do you have a crush on?

Jahbwai: Hahahaha home or abroad?

#teamTOP: Home

Jahbwai: All of them mehhhhhn!!! Our Nigerian female celeb are doing great but if am left with no choice than to choose then I will go with CHIDINMA dt girl is on point jo! clear ur dirty thoughts jo!

#teamTOP (LMAO) thank you, and I totally understand. Finally before you rest what can you say about #TOPCHART?

Jahbwai: #TOPCHAT in a word u guys are AWESOME, u really doing well by bringing the entertainment back to north again and less I forget I wanna say shout out to gullyrider, kuzzy, cheko... This are ma GANG, Ozee I see u, all ma Kd peeps I respect ya'll u made me who I am today, ma hood MALALI and a very big thank you to Jahbeatz studioz for delivering HIT hyper beatz we keep'n it realla and most importantly shout out to ma fans because without you am nobody

#teamTOP Perfect! Thank you for your time...

Jahbwai: Thanks a lot and A GODE ZAM! That’s in my dialect GBAGYI... Lol

#teamTOP: Thank you Jahbwai

That was Jahbwai for you, multi-talented young man all the way from Kaduna making a brand name in the whole of Nigeria. Just keep your ears wide open because whenever you hear something like ‘Jahbwai pond a beat’ you know is your boy doing what he knows how to do best.

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