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Hello and welcome to #TOPCHART, as I told you from the start, we shall fly across just Nigeria to bring you people that can, are or might help or are helping the growth of northern Nigeria entertainments industry. Today we have a very pretty and creative young lady on the hot 3G all the way from Nigeria to Yankee, anyway is best you get to know her directly... enjoy.

The Chart below:

#teamTOP: Welcome to #TOPCHART

Pamella Bombshell: Hello, thank you for having me.

#teamTOP:  So can you please introduce yourself to the thousands of readers out there?

Pamella Bombshell: Pamela Obianuju Bombshell aka Pamela Bombshell. Youtuber, Blogger, Aspiring Beauty Queen, promoter and I'm also a student.

Pamella Bombshell: Founded The Pro Bombshell to help empower young ladies and women of all races.

#teamTOP: So how it all did started? I mean u being a model and a promoter?

Pamella Bombshell: Well, when I was a kid I loved modelling. I didn't train for runway until I was about 14/15 years old. I was camera shy back then so I focused on school. I started promoting when people launched sites and asked for me to make a video/tweet promoting their services. A pretty face, smart mouth, with an outstanding brand always, if not usually, works! Well now I'm into beauty pageants or personality modelling, I still promote/advertise for others. However, my education will always be number 1 on my list.

#teamTOP: Wow! That's a really nice move. Am sure a lot of readers are now curious, what are you studying in school at which?

Pamella Bombshell: Well as a kid, I wanted to be a Dr, now I am sure it was just because my older brother said so. In High School, I said I wanted to be a Pharmacist, which I am sure I was inspired to do because my friend's mom was a Pharmacist, and my biological father owned a drug company (ies). I did poorly in Chemistry in High School, and I am ashamed to say I started to second guess myself. Like, "now how will I make it through college a Chem Major". LOL. So I searched deep inside my heart, and with not much searching I found my major... Math. Although a tough one, I'm actually enthusiastic about it. If it wasn't gonna be Chem (because I didn't like Chem), then it has to be Math (because I LOVE math). And you would think since there is Math in Chem I would love Chem too, but no.

#teamTOP:  That's a long way. So if from the readers we have those that found interest in what you do how can they get you?

Pamella Bombshell: I never wanted to be just beautiful, it pays to have sense too. Beauty and Brains isn't a bad combo at all. After my undergrad, I plan on going to Law school, to study Business Law. I will not disclose the college which I attend for safety reasons. If you see me say "hi", but don't ambush me o. My official website will not be up until the end of this year. that will be

#teamTOP: That's a great strategy. A lot of people would be wondering how old are you which I’m also doing that.

Pamella Bombshell: Lmao.. I'm quite young. Second year in college.. I'm a baby to some. Age, 19. But I never let my age define me, because there are ppl 10 years older than me, still trying to do what I did.

#teamTOP: That's right. So what are your greatest achievements?

Pamella Bombshell: I honestly believe that my "greatest achievements" are yet to come. It's all in the hands of God. If I count things in the past as the "greatest", umm then what about my future? LOL.

#teamTOP: Well spoken, so how have people reacted to this your campaign?

Pamella Bombshell: Well, some understand it, some are inquisitive, while other are still lost. The reactions I've gotten are quite mixed at the moment. However, I acknowledge the good one. Smart girls will take from me what they like. Whether it's my style, message, or just my entire package. They see something positive and cling onto that. That is how I build my success.
#teamTOP: Interesting, can you please mention some few of your past modelling event of pageants

Pamella Bombshell: I choose to not disclose that information in this particular interview. However, I will disclose that I've briefly trained with Mario B. Modelling Productions in Bay Area, California. That's all I can to disclose until further notice.

#teamTOP: Fair enough, so what can you tell those that believe modelling is a bad girls business?

Pamella Bombshell: I mean there are different levels when it comes to modelling. If people are closed minded enough to not see there's clearly a hierarchy, but they have probably only exposed themselves to the bottoms... that's of no concern to me.
I'm moving into pageants. Which includes photo shoots yea, but it also includes being respectful of yourself, by not doing things that could tarnish/have your future crown given to the runner up.

#teamTOP: Fair enough... Also for how long have you been away from homeland?

Pamella Bombshell: Since I go to school here, I've not lived in Naija for several years.. close to a decade.

#teamTOP: That's a very long period. So what do you have to tell your readers out there?
That's a very long period. So what do you have to tell your readers out there?

Pamella Bombshell: Well, I just wanna tell them to continue to keep in touch like they usually do, and that I have new projects coming out in The Pro Bombshell field that am sure they're gonna love. Another, to look out for my website launch. Also, if they wanna contact me directly, shoot me le email
For all Business Inquiries as well.

#teamTOP: As olways on #TOPCHART who is ur crush among the Nigerian celebrities?

Pamella Bombshell: Lol.. This baby girl has no crushes. Don't get me wrong, some guys are cute. But that's the problem; I don't do "cute". Like I'm not going to chop your cuteness/your nice body. I like intelligent men, and FTR I don't crush on anyone...period. For all I'm aware of, it appears to be vice versa.

#teamTOP: Is a tradition here u have to choose

Pamella Bombshell: Yes of course I'll choose, Pamela Bombshell is choosing to opt out.

teamTOP: Opt out of?

Pamella Bombshell: Ramsey Noah, Rita Dominic.. I liked his face and her style when I was much younger.

#teamTOP: Okay, finally what can u say about this interview #TOPCHART?

Pamella Bombshell: It was amazing!! And I'm sure I'll learn one or two things about myself depending on how others react to it.

#teamTOP: Sure you will. Thank you for your time.

Pamella Bombshell: Thank you Ibrahim, and the rest of #teamtop

#teamTOP: You are welcome.

Hmmm... yeah she’s hot, oh sorry I meant she did great from the interview. Anyway that was Pamella Bombshell ladies and gentle men, you shall be seeing more of her as she is still on the train tracks and getting speedy with her passion for fashion. 

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