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Hello and welcome to #TOPCHART season II, In one word, WONDERFUL! I still find it hard to believe that our own Nigerian music is making such a strong impact in the overseas. Today we are bringing to you someone different from those we usually bring to you every day. The guest for today is someone not from around here, not even close but yet enjoys, promote and appreciate Nigerian music and culture. Ladies and gentle men I don’t have to say who, just find out for yourself... Enjoy... 

The chart as follows:

#teamTOP: welcome to TOPCHART

Janice McGrory Thanks really nice to be here

#teamTOP: A lot of people out there might have already know you, but can you please tell the thousands of readers out there who we have on TOPCHART?

Janice McGrory My name is Janice and I come from Scotland... I run a music website called 9jastarz.. We help promote up and coming Nigerian artistes.

#teamTOP: Thank you, you are Scottish but you choose to promote Nigerian music why and how did that happen?

Janice McGrory Just over 2 years ago I met and dated a lovely Nigerian man, he introduced me to Nigerian music. The first song I heard was Wande Coal Kiss Your Hand. I loved it... and the first date he took me on I was introduced to DJ JamJam ... from then on I was hooked

#teamTOP: Thank you, so how does it feels promoting Nigerian music?

Janice McGrory I really enjoy it, listening to different genres... different artistes with different styles. Everything from hip hop to gospel.

#teamTOP: Your website how do you manage it?

Janice McGrory It was set up by my best friend and I... we receive mail from up and coming and and some of the big names send to us also.. we pick tracks and post them... giving a "star" score... but I am not and would never claim to be a music aficionado .. when I score it is on what my head & heart feel about the track. Just because I may love a track does not mean other people will if that makes sense.

#teamTOP: right... So, are there any other programs or projects you do apart from promoting music and artistes?

Janice McGrory I am currently co hosting a 53rd Nigerian Independence Celebration in Glasgow.. I am looking forward to this night very much.
It is taking place on the 28th.. just a few days before the 1st of October the official day of Independence

#teamTOP: wow! What is it all about?

Janice McGrory It’s bringing together Nigerians who reside in Glasgow and the surrounding areas... and also Scottish people who have love for Nigeria. All together all celebrating and we have managed to secure Dj Daddy Kumz and Dublin's top afrobeat dj.. Dj Daley is flying over for the event.

#teamTOP: wow... alot of websites and blogs out there are generating millions instantly, how do you generate income from your website?

Janice McGrory I don't... what I do... I do out of love for the music... the people and Nigerian culture...
The majority of Nigerian I have met over the past couple of years have lifted me up from a lonely place...

#teamTOP: what a good heart, a lot of upcoming artiste might be so happy hearing this and also wondering how they can get there songs, photos and videos to you. so can you help out here?

Janice McGrory My heart is good... Nigerian music brings joy to myself and my daughter with special needs... if you could see her face when you put on her favorite artiste you would understand why Nigerian's and Nigeria now own my heart..
If you are submitting tracks you should send them to they should include hulkshare/soundcloud link and or youtube link.. a bio about themselves and a good photograph.

#teamTOP: thank you, so what can you tell other individuals outside Nigeria that are also into Nigeria music and also want to join you?

Janice McGrory We would appreciate if everyone would like our page and if they follow me on twitter .. that would help a lot... just share the music to spread the word about how fantastic Naija beatz are
Music can take you to any place in time ... past or present.. all it needs is amazing lyrics, hook or BEAT!... Who knew that hearing 1 song would cause me to fall in love with 9ja music, people & culture.. TURN UP THE MUSIC..... TURN DOWN THE DRAMA!!

#teamTOP: Before we go, we are your best Nigerians acts for 2013?

Janice McGrory Butterfly my daughter loves with a passion D'Prince (do love dprince also.. he has been sweet to my daughter) I do love wande of course... Burna Boy I love the tone in his voice...

#teamTOP: thank you, finally what do you think this very interview #TOPCHART?

Janice McGrory Well you’re actually the first person to properly interview me... and it was not as scary as I thought... Thank you for taking the time to find out about me.

#teamTOP: The pleasure is mine and thank you for your time.

Yeah I know what you might be thinking now, I had same thoughts as you before, and she is really a passionate person when it comes to Nigeria and its entertainment industry. I can’t even make the post longer because am out of jokes even though I know am not being funny, but hey this lady usually laugh to my jokes... 

I hope you had a wonderful time reading this exclusive interview? You can drop your comments and questions in the comment box bellow...

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Janice and DJ JAMJAM

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