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Hello and welcome to TOPCHART season II. Today we went deep into the heart of northern Nigeria to bring to you this very special artiste known for his good taste of music and concentration. He has been in the entertainment scene for a very long time and has done a lot of noise making songs which even leads us to knowing him as one of the A list entertainers around the northern region of Nigeria. Be sure not to get bored as you read through this exclusive interview with the one and only SKINNY BREEZY. I don’t know what you know or heard about him, all I can tell is: this guy is killing it big time.  Enjoy your time with us:  

The chart as follows:

#teamTOP: Welcome to #TOPCHART!
SkinnyBoi: My pleasure
#teamTOP: So, our readers would like to know who we have on CHART today
SkinnyBoi: I go by the name skinnybreezy a.k.a da 8th wonder
#teamTOP: Nice to have you; am sure our readers must have already known about you. But can you tell us in brief about you and what you do?
SkinnyBoi: Am a Nigerian youth who's born in d east and raised in the north with d skilled profession of good music
#teamTOP: Not so long ago it has been said you are one of those artistes with the highest demand in northern Nigeria. What can you say about that?
SkinnyBoi: Well been among one of d top brand on demand in Northern Nigeria is something I call faith with work plus Grace to crown it up wit. It’s nothing easy to come through but persistence and steady work with God taking d lead no matter what sure brings a positive outcome.
#teamTOP: After some profiling on you, we were so impressed that you are always recording songs. Can you tell us and the thousands of readers out there how you end up doing that?
SkinnyBoi: Wow! Ok just like every other profession or career we can think of, one's steady practice determines how into deep he/she gets with it. Music outside been a Talent is also a profession on its own so I think it best explains y one should stay put to his/her call. I record @ all time that I find any reason to
#teamTOP: That's a good one, so how has your career been from start to now?
SkinnyBoi: Well it’s been piled up with lots of up and down from the get go, regardless of the carrying been blue we've been able to push it on to d finish line with immense contribution from ma team SFSCC, loved ones, family member, great fans n fellow grass root colleagues plus a 100% God's leadership all d way to here we are.
#teamTOP: SFSCC? Can you shed more light please?
SkinnyBoi: SFSCC(Still Feeniques sound cheque community) the movement I represent from d very first start. A music movement with unimaginable prospect of taking great music talents around d globe
#teamTOP: What a dream, so now let's talk music. You have been working on a project titled POP. Our readers would want to know what it is please...
SkinnyBoi: POP in full means "Pride Of d Project" and that’s the title of my soon dropping mix tape album, prior to ma album surfacing by mid next year hopefully.
#teamTOP: Mix tape? Any familiar sound we should know about?
SkinnyBoi: Yep! its coming with hit beats from international to home base arts like Michael Jackson, Jayz, kanye, lil wayne, drake tuface, wizkid, m.I, macklemoore to mention a few and lot others.
#teamTOP: Sounds like we will be buying new sets of speakers soon (joke).
SkinnyBoi: Ya'll should really do (laugh). It’s an Earmuffs advisory "Explosive content" (laugh) it’s gana be the bomb I tell you so every one should keep salivating n waiting to eat on it.
#teamTOP: We have a lot of entertainers from the north that would want to be here today, what makes you think not much artistes from the north hit the spot light?
SkinnyBoi: the greatest challenge any kind of business firm face is violence. You can't find progress where there is no peace. I tell you that once there is absolute peace there is guaranteed progress that’s just the hiccup with the entertainment industry here in d north then secondly and most importantly is the ‘MEDIA’ because you'll find out that were ever entertainment business boosts, there must be so many strong media forces propelling it. Take the Lagos entertainment industry for example so I strongly believe that when the north start tackling these issues we'll keep getting sweet sounds from this wing because the north is where you can find the best anytime.
#teamTOP: Well said, peace is the root of all progress. So any future projects we and your fans should know about?
SkinnyBoi:  Like I earlier expressed ya'll should keep ears to the ground and expect the expectation three numbers from POP the Mix tape album drops in less than 14days then next the full collection and after that d POP nationwide TOUR, Video clips and many more activities till my personal Album drops come next year.
#teamTOP: Wow! Are we invited for the tour?
SkinnyBoi: Yesofcos sir we'll work with every partner that is willing to put up with the glory alongside forgetting any selfish interest for the Church to keep marching on. They’re going to be every necessary paper work n agreement though. (laugh)
#teamTOP: Funny! We here for you all... And finally, who is your crush among the female celebrities we have? Don't pass that...
SkinnyBoi: (laugh) I've always wished for a rendezvous with Eva on the home side while on the other side it’s been no other but the great songstress Rihanna (laugh). I pray my boo don't get to read this very one (laughter)
#teamTOP: LOL! I think this is your last question. What do you think of TOPCHART?
SkinnyBoi: What more can I say? TOPCHART is the flavour, in fact d bomb if you'll permit that. Not all publishers get to grass root on any kind of information around them. So TOPCHART as the leading publishing Firm around the globe in a short time from now I see. it as a great opportunity and honour to feature on this one
#teamTOP: It’s our pleasure to help in our own special way. Thanks for being with us, and keep the good work.
SkinnyBoi: Bless ya'll and keep the good work!!!
#teamTOP: Amen and thank you once again.

And that was how our chart with Skinny Boi went, I told you from the start you won’t get bored and will definitely ask for more. Now that you must have learnt a lot about this artiste, you can send in your question(s) that needs answers for from skinny boi. Simply comment with your question(s) in the comments box below or go to our facebook page and send in your question(s) and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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