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#TOPCHART season II - Exclusive interview with ReplayTunes Media

Hello and welcome to TOPCHART season II.  You must be wondering who’s next on TOPCHART, as we already told you; this season is way hotter than anyone can imagine. We had to go all round the companies making things happen online in the northern region and beyond just to bring to you this very online company making lots of traffic. Ladies and gentle men you must have seen their work so many times online, now you get to meet them and even ask question(s) you need answer(s) for. Here is REPLAYTUNES MEDIA AND CONCEPT exclusive on TOPCHART.

The chart as follows: 

#teamTOP: Welcome to TOP CHART

ReplayTunes Media: Thank you we are honoured to be hosted on your platform today.

#teamTOP: The pleasure is ours... Our readers would like to know who we have on TOP CHART this time around...

ReplayTunes Media: Ok. ReplayTunes Media and Concepts is a budding media outfit that promotes, brand, packages our clients which is comprised of entertainers, events and corporate organisations.

#teamTOP: Nice to have you... So can you tell us and our readers how replaytunes operates?

ReplayTunes Media: ReplayTunes as a brand has its arms. We have the ReplayTunes Artist Management Outfit, ReplayTunes Booking Agency, ReplayTunes Events Managers and the most celebrated ReplayTunes Magazine. All these arms have their own functions as the names suggests. That’s pretty much REPLAYTUNES as an entity.

#teamTOP: When and how did ReplayTunes came into the scene?

ReplayTunes Media: ReplayTunes was just an idea that was concieved out of frustration just to put it that way. Before we became a body, we had an artist by the name of Kevin Tita who we wanted to help break into the music industry and we had all his promo materials ready. We sent it to and other top websites over 13 times and none of his works were published, Mind you his songs are world class international standard songs, his promo shots too. And after the whole thing, we decided to start a blog and publish it on our own
After the first few publications, we get good comments from people that read the posts and traffic was encouraging, ever since then we have been able to branch out into gossips, movies, fashion and the likes, That’s how ReplayTunes came to be.

#teamTOP: So, if I may, you saying u started this brand because of Kevin Tita?

ReplayTunes Media: Not really. we had other artists that the other blogs ignored and we felt maybe it’s because their materials was not good enough, it was his own case that triggered the first huge step we took.

#teamTOP: Is your brand is like a record label too or just artiste management company?

ReplayTunes Media: Not at all, a lot of people mistake our brand for a record label but all we do is manage artists, book concerts, promote and brand and that only when we are contracted to do so by the artist.

#teamTOP: Okay, anyone can have a blog site, our readers would like to know what makes yours different and worth promoting artistes.

ReplayTunes Media: What makes us worth the business is the fact that we have been able to reach out to a wide audience in just a little amount of time. We have over 180,000 people from 170 different countries in the world reading our blog daily and our reach is very wide, Aside that our blog also has entertaining and engaging programmes that we put up from time to time to keep our readers hooked ad entertained while they visit our site. The list goes on

#teamTOP: That is good, so how many staffs do you have under your platform?

ReplayTunes Media:we have 3 staffs and 3 artists under our platform

#teamTOP: How are your charges?

ReplayTunes Media: It ranges, we have different promo packages and they all have different price tags that come with them, our clients will get a better information when they contact us. But one thing’s for sure, good promotion and publicity takes good money.

#teamTOP: Yes, that is a fact. We heard a rumour that your artiste Kevin tita is not into music as a career which we got from his post on facebook. Can you please explain to us why he posted that?

ReplayTunes Media: First of all lets clear the misconceptions. Kevin Tita is not signed to us, he is only an affiliate and an ambassador of our brand. With that been said, as far as we know Kevin has been and always will be a musician, if he decides to change his career choice in the future, his record label Babylynn Entertainment will issue a press release. Our official artists are FSGeezy who contracted us to promote his materials and SHODy who currently is managed by us. Kevin Tita is signed to Babylynn Entertainment.

#teamTOP: Are you in partner to any company? If yes which?

ReplayTunes Media: yea we have a partnership deals with over a handful of companies which includes RyThmCity Magazine, BlowSydrome Movement, Top Entertainments, Asha Coutior, and we are on the verge of finalizing a profitable deal with Babylynn Entertainment.

#teamTOP: Good, our very own company is one. Any future projects that the world should know?

ReplayTunes Media: Yea there is a lot. We are currently working on our Tour and Travels Wing of the business and with time we hope to branch into Modelling too. We also have our eyes on landing a TV gig with one of the internationally acclaimed TV stations by God's grace. The Tour and Travels will also carter to the less privileged as we will use some of the proceeds to finance and supports programs that will benefit the street kids and orphans.
Wow! What a heart... So what is ReplayTunes greatest achievement(s)?

ReplayTunes Media: Our greatest achievement is the fact that we have been able to contribute positively to the Northern/Middle Best Nigerian Entertainment industry. This region of the country often gets overlooked a lot in the business but in the past two years we have been able to promote some artists to an extent that they get concerts and business deals outside this zone. We have made a lot of money in the business, a lot of connections too but the impact we are making is a legacy we are proud of.

#teamTOP: A lot of readers would be wondering which concerts or rather which artistes? Can you mention few please?

ReplayTunes Media: Ok to name a few, we have booked Concerts for FSGeezy, SHODY, KEnas and a bunch of underground artists, We have also booked for a few celebrity artists like Sean Tizzle, Aje Butter and Burna Boy. It ranges from campus shows to club appearances to run way or beauty pageant shows. It’s all in the business

#teamTOP: That is really a good way to start the party. We have a lot of artistes from the north that would want to hit the spot light, can they count on replaytunes to be that platform that can help out?

ReplayTunes Media: Yes for sure, we will always be happy to give them as much discounts as we can to help them afford the much needed publicity for their career. We also have promo packages that are free for only northern artists with good and quality materials to promote. We make the announcements on our site and those who are lucky to come across it always take advantage of these opportunities.

#teamTOP: WOW! Am sure a lot of artistes would start sending emails after reading this. Before rounding up, what do you think of the northern entertainment movement? And who are you 3 favourite entertainers from the north?

ReplayTunes Media: I think its growing, at least it is better than what it was a few years back and with more nurturing it will grow to a point where artist will be getting endorsement deals and good money from touring and doing shows.
Our Top 3 artists are No.1 Techno, he is setting the pace with his new hit single 'Holiday ft Davido
No.2 Kevin Tita, he has won awards, appeared on XtraTime Magazine Cover and is the first Northern artist to have his songs played in more than half of all the clubs while he is still resident in the north. That’s a an unbeatable record
No. 3 FSGeezy, his body of work and Consistency are his biggest assets. He has also won some awards and is getting a lot of spins in the clubs right now. He is the man of the moment.

So the last questions goes together, how can you guarantee a safe transaction and full promo for clients?

ReplayTunes Media: When a client approaches us for business transactions, our modus operandi is made available to them in form of a prospectus. They go through it and we transact business based on whether they are satisfied with it or not. We don’t just blurt out our business secretes in an interview.

#teamTOP: Fair enough, thank you for your time, before you go, what can you says about TOPCHART?

ReplayTunes Media: We are really proud of TopChart, you guys have been moving up the ladder a lot and with joint effort and unity we can all take the Northern Nigerian music industry to a new height

#teamTOP: Is our pleasure, and thank you for being with us on TOPCHART

And that was how our chart ended with ReplayTunes Media, I don’t know what you might be thinking but I bet you had a wonderful time reading this interesting interview. From the above chart I myself have so many questions just as you are having right now, there is one way to solve the riddle though; send in your questions in the comment box bellow or send in through our facebook page or twitter account and we shall forward your questions and hit you back as soon as possible.

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Here are some pictures from ReplayTunes past involvements (facebook achieved) 


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