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#TOPCHART season II: Exclusive interview with WUTAH

Hello and welcome to your favourite celebrities interview #TOPCHART, which we are still enjoying the season II. But before I add anything more I just want to say WOW!!! No more words, just checkout this past Danbanza, I promised you its going to be an amazing time with this guest of ours. Enjoy...

The chart as follows:

#teamTOP: Welcome to #TOPCHART season II

Wutah Thanks

#teamTOP: You welcome, am sure thousands of readers out there might be wondering who we have this time around, can you please introduce yourself?

Wutah My name is Nelson Samson Okon aka Wutah

#teamTOP: Can you please tell us and the readers what you do?

Wutah I’m a musician I rap

#teamTOP: How long how you been in this game and how did you get started?

Wutah Have been in it 4 about 9 years now, I start in school with miming way back in krumin mashi @ Kaduna

#teamTOP: Is there anything that made you want to be a rapper like some kind of an inspiration or it just feels like you want to?

Wutah Yea I’m a big fan of Rakim and Jay-z n the influence me going into music n am happy I did because I love what I do 2day

#teamTOP: You are currently one of those artistes making waves out of Kaduna state, how do you manage your career, shows, studio sessions and promotion?

Wutah Haaaa not been easy because have been the 1 managing ma self all this while pay 4 ma sessions do when the song is ready do ma promotions, n the show that the part I love more because I like crowd I enjoy entertaining them

#teamTOP: How many songs do you have so far?

Wutah I have lot of song lemme say 10

#teamTOP: Wow! What was your greatest collaboration?

Wutah That the song I did with Tolu of project fame song title PUSH that my 1st solo song after the break up with ma group Street Identity

#teamTOP: So now coming to show biz, what was your biggest stage performance with details please?

Wutah Hahaha it's lynxxx n friend tour with tiwa savage, ice prince, vector, eva, Dj zeez, Sammy, Black magic, n lot more. It was my best moment on stage going on tour with them

#teamTOP: That's was really nice, about music, how do you classify your type of music? And do you think is paying more than the other genes?

Wutah Haaaa in naija the like more of singing than rapping, but I love what I do n rapping has come of age in here we now have lot of acceptance with a large fan base which is interesting

#teamTOP: So are you signed to any record company?

Wutah No I have my own company FLYBOIMUZIK am the CEO

#teamTOP: So tell us about this your company

Wutah Yeah is a company I started on my own when this turn soar with the 1st come I was suppose 2 work with, so I decide 2 start my own record label FLYBOIMUZIK n we going places

#teamTOP: Are you the only artiste on your record or you are having others?

Wutah Yeah I want 2 go up 2 an extend b4 bringing some good artiste in you know it will be difficult to push many @ the same time

#teamTOP: Yeah exactly, you are one of those northern stars pushing in the nationwide market, how does it work for you?

Wutah Mehn is not easy because the find it hard 2 accept we from the north because they say we don’t do it professionally which is wrong, we have come of age n I have seen plenty artiste which are doing great

#teamTOP: A lot of you are out there representing. So now that it has become a challenge, what is the way forward?

Wutah Yea challenge is good it bring out the best in you n make u show your own uniqueness only if u have the got 2 face it then u make a way forward

#teamTOP: Well said, when it comes to music the north is far left behind, the more artistes we have the more they keep on leaving with no return and helping the upcoming ones. Why do you think makes that a habit?

Wutah Because we don’t have people who truly believe in talent n encouraging it from that part of the country n we find it difficult 2 expand not just to whole country but to the world, but the joy I have now is we have some good once that are ready 2 make the difference n take it to the world

#teamTOP: Yeah, it’s happening, one step at a time. What was your defining moment ever?

Wutah Just finish performing going of stage n all the girl run after me wow it was crazy

#teamTOP: LOL! You like the attention... So now your personal life, which among the female celebrities do you have a crush on?

Wutah Hmmmm Eva
#teamTOP: I don't get it, now two Kaduna rappers go for Eva, well Eva is special. Any future project the readers should know about?

Wutah Yea am bring out ma new single Danbanza it’s gonna be big because we taking it international

#teamTOP: Alright, finally before we round up, what do you have to tell your fans out there and other northern stars?

Wutah I appreciate the love all ma fans has shown me right from the start of ma career still now n am doing everything possible to remain focus n make u people proud n to ma fellow northern star I know u guy are doing great n never stop believing in yourself for the sky is your limit 4 sure we will get there 1 love

#teamTOP: Thank you for your time... And we hope to see more of WutaH

Wutah You are welcome and it’s a nice time spending with toptainment big up!

#teamTOP: Now before you take off, what can you say about #TOPCHART season II

Wutah Very interesting and captivating I love what u guys are doing n God go make una bigger....Amen

Amen... Thanks and keep the good work.

Like I said from the start, wow!!! This guy nailed every question like he own a timber store. I had a great time interviewing him, now is yours to read and have fun with this very amazing fast rising artiste.
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