Thursday, 12 September 2013

#TOPCHART season II: Exclusive interview with HENZEE

Hello and welcome to TOPCHART season II. For those of you who followed us last season this very artiste is not a new face to you, This time we are bringing a taste of the Abuja/Kaduna base rapper, best lyricist GWE Awards 2012 and the ladies man. Ladies and gentle men Henzee on TOPCHART. I promise you you wont get bored with this guy here.

The chart as follows:

#teamTOP: Welcome to TOP CHART

Henzee: Yes boss!! What e do?

#teamTOP: So who do we have on TOP CHART?

Henzee: Yeah it’s that western guy with a northern swag...aka HENzEE

#teamTOP: Nice to have you

Henzee: It’s an honour to be here!!!

#teamTOP: So let's start by you telling us and the thousands of readers out there what you do and who you are

Henzee: Well well lemme start this way!! My real names are Prince Henry Jarto, I’m yoruba by tribe, am a crock city (Kaduna) based rapper currently signed to Hit zone records and A-unit entertainments (Holland)

#teamTOP: Before we go further, can you please clear this rumour, you were said to have left hit zone. What is it with that?

Henzee: Yeah actually I did...A-Unit entertainment; a Holland based record label came with an offer! So I had 2 go 4 it....later hit zone sent a message that we still have a deal! Truly my deal with hit zone was a 4yr contract.

#teamTOP: Okay, now you are confused or you just feel like stuck with them(hit zone)?

Henzee: Nah! Am not confused!! But I reserve my comments!

#teamTOP: Okay, I hope our readers would understand you, because we actually don't (just saying). So tell us and your fans/readers how u started music and when?

Henzee: Mehn I started music way back 2006 with a group called the 0-3iez.. But I left 4 school and forgot about music totally...after I finished 2010-2011 I came back fully and did a track with kevin tita "Gbasibe" which gave an award! Then Ope, IWO ni MOFE, and so on

#teamTOP: So this label you are signed to, what's in for you?

Henzee: Yeah got some cool dolls, huge promo in Holland and a tour coming up!

#teamTOP: That is a good start, so how many songs do you have so far?

Henzee: Well my first album which is gonna be released under hit zone records will contain 13tracks...presently I have 5 down...which includes OPE ft JBt, Gbasibe ft Kevin tita, Aiye oba ft stayo, atm, Iwo ni mofe and I have 3 to drop before this month runs out

#teamTOP: How is promo going wt u?

Henzee: Well I won't lie to you!! KD city(Kaduna) entertainment is not supportive when it came’s to that! To be frank with ya....have got much more fans abroad than in Nigeria, have got great hommies in Lagos, osun, ondo, Abuja, jos and Kaduna running promo's...but not much in Kaduna.

#teamTOP: So are you saying there is no enough promo platform in the state (Kaduna state)?

Henzee: there is o! Plenty of it......but!!!

#teamTOP: Okay, so how did you get signed to A-unit?

Henzee: Through the socials.....they got my songs and boom! Am there

#teamTOP: Okay, what makes you different from other Nigerian stars?

Henzee: Well.... Am unique in my own way!

#teamTOP: So, how can you explain your type of music?

Henzee: Well if you listen to my songs you'll notice I do all my songs using my tribe!! I rap and most of my chorus are vernacular

#teamTOP: So, what is your greatest achievement?

Henzee: Meeting people!! Top celebrities and so on

#teamTOP: Can you tell us your TOP 3 northern celebrities?

Henzee: Damnnnn I love kevin tita so bad.... I love marvelous!! And I think stayo also

#teamTOP: Thank you, coming to your career, any future project we should know about?

Henzee: Well!! Am shooting a video very soon! And my album art is coming soon also!

#teamTOP: When are we expecting the album and also the video?

Henzee: The video!! Well it should be out album project is definitely next year! aint rushing man

#teamTOP: What do you have to say to your fans out there?

Henzee: They are about to see the best of me!!! And I wanna thank them all for their support....I love them all

#teamTOP: Before we go, what can you say about TOP CHART?

Henzee: Damnnnn this guys are dope mehn!! If they get all supports am telling you people will be begging to get featured! And I was even about suing them for using my girl’s picture for advert (laughter)

#teamTOP: LOL! Is for a greater good, and what you see here, is what you will find here and bring
back here.
Henzee: Yeah you are correct

#teamTOP: Thank you for being with us and for your time...

Henzee: You are welcome

What more can I say? I need a bottle of farouz (just kidding), I told you from the beginning that you won’t get bored and am sure you didn’t, even though someone just said [oh c’mon that was boring]. Anyway that was Henzee there, for more on henzee from TOPCHART season I click here.
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