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#TOPCHART season II: Exclusive interview with KEVIN TITA


Hello and welcome to #TOPCHART season II. Before anything I just want you to really stay put on this one for we are bringing someone that always connect with the readers as he answers his questions. This guy is not new to #TOPCHART and yet he is not new to your playlist. Ladies and gentle men I bring to you the GWE Awards best rapper, ReplayTunes Media ambassador Kevin Tita. Be sure not to get bored as we take the long ride with him on #TOPCHART.

The chart as follows:

#teamTOP: Welcome to top chart

Kevin Tita Thanks. It’s a blessing been here again.

#teamTOP: am sure our readers must have already known who we have here, but can you please introduce yourself for those who are new here?

Kevin Tita Real names Philemon Okezie known in the music realm as Kevin Tita. A musician, a business man and an aspiring role model. That pretty much summarises me

#teamTOP:So, you are now out of the country, how do you connect with your fans?

Kevin Tita I connect with them a lot especially through social media. My twitter account is often engaged with conversations between me and my fans as well as my team is working round the clock to keep my image and name fresh on the streets and my songs in the clubs. It’s taking a lot of effort but at the end of the day it’s all worth it.

#teamTOP: You are fun of posting funny updates on facebook, which even leads to mode9 not a commercial rapper, can you explain more?

Kevin Tita Yeah that’s true. As a person, aside the music industry packaging and stuffs like that, I noticed that there is a lot of sadness in our society and as a result of this people turn to social media for relieve. But they barely get heart lightening updates or posts so I decided to take it upon myself to make people happy by posting jokes and inspirational stuffs and thanks to God it’s been appreciated.

#teamTOP: Thank you, so how has your music career been so far?

Kevin Tita It’s been amazing. The last two years has brought in some defining moments. Ranging from the awards to the magazine appearance to the shows and club and raio play my songs have received. It has all motivated me to keep on doing what i know best and lend a helping hand to those that needs it

#teamTOP: A rumour has it that you are planning on coming back to Nigeria and go on a tour, can you please enlighten us and the readers on that?

Kevin Tita Yea that’s true but it’s all just a plan, my record label Babylynn Entertainment have to approve and support it before we can carry on. But still on the matter the tour will definitely come to fruition and it will be club tour with me and 4 other supporting acts. It will cut across almost every northern middle belt state including Kaduna, Abuja, Benue and Jos.

#teamTOP: Wow! Are there any familiar faces on the tour crew?

Kevin Tita Like I said my record label has to clear it all up first. If there’s any artist I would like to go on tour with from Northern Nigeria, it should be FSGeezy, Pazzy Kane and this new artist on the block by the name of Shody. There are other artists that are been considered though but the paper work got to be right.

#teamTOP: Nice work, how do you work things with your official publicists replaytunes?

Kevin Tita My relationship with my people from ReplayTunes has been great in recent times; they are like family to me now. Sometimes people even think I am signed to them but that’s not true. I am just a brand ambassador for them and in return they publicise my songs and image. It’s been a great relationship and my record label is aware of everything.

#teamTOP: Your closeness with FSgee and Dessy Dee is raising a lot of questions; can you please tell us what you 3 have in common?

Kevin Tita FSGeezy and Dessy Dee are like my brothers, first of all me and FSGeezy collaborated on his break out single 'Don Dey Follow' then I featured him my own single 'Follow Me Baby' which went o to become one of the biggest songs from Northern Nigeria in 2012. I met Dessy through FSGeezy after the Urban Mingles Saga and ever since we became. We work with the same producer and even launched our own clothing line earlier this year. You know in the industry there are some people that will give anything to see you succeed and in turn you will do same for them. FSGeezy and DEssy earned that spot in my life.

#teamTOP: wow! We also learn you in a joint project titled #blowsyndrome, what is it about?

Kevin Tita BlowSyndrome is a movement that involves me, Dessy Dee and FSGeezy. It’s not a label it’s just a clique of artists that embrace the right thing in the industry. We support each other. The clothing line is actually a blow syndrome venture. There’s gonna be a lot of music and materials coming from the BS stable next year.

#teamTOP: That’s nice.... so what do you think about the northern Nigerian entertainment as a whole?

Kevin Tita I think there is a lot of change that is been recorded in the last few years. A lot of good events and new media outlets like ReplayTunes, Top Entertainments, Afriktainments. MegaTunes and XtraTime. We have started embracing the use of social media as a means of publicity. But there’s a problem concerning the growth of the northern music industry. The show promoters have to realise that it’s high time they start paying artists, you can imagine a situation where a megastar like Davdio will perform in a northern state and he charges N3million while all the supporting acts that open for him on the same show are paid N1000 because they are local artists. When the show is been planned, they budget money for the venue, MC and even the bouncers but ignore the artists

The artists on the other hand need to understand that WizKid did not win a BET award by begging for free promo. They need to invest whatever money they have to their career by paying for publicity and promotions, The MONEY MENTALITY has to be embraced before the industry can elevate from its current state.

#teamTOP: SO before we round up, what do you have for your fans out there?

Kevin Tita I am working on my mix tape titled The O.M.O (On My Own) EP which will be available for free download as soon as its complete, Then after that we are looking at shooting a music video for my lead single then my debut album The Miracle Baby comes next. There’s also collaboration with Burna Boy that’s on deck right now. My supporters’ should be on the lookout for all these.

#teamTOP: you say about #TOPCHART?

Kevin Tita TopChart has proven itself to be a viable platform and we are all impressed with the rapid progress. You guys have brought a lot to the table and we hope with joint ventures and unity with the other media outlets, a lot of progress is on the way.

#teamTOP: It’s our pleasure... thank you for being here and for your time, we look forward to getting on #TOPCHART again

Kevin Tita Thanks a lot. It'll be an honour

That was how the Amala was consumed with no left overs, I had a good time with this special guest and I hope our readers also did had a great time. I’m sure you have a lot of questions to ask, well, just comment with the question(s) in the comment box below and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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