Tuesday, 19 November 2013


The year is fast ending and the entertainment industry in the northern part of Nigeria is getting ready to witness the craziest and mind blowing concert ever held in the history of the north.

Multiple award winning singer, dancer and model, Marvellous AKA the King_Of_Dance, has finally decided to put the controversy concerning him and G-Unit rapper Henzee aside, and has come out on social media to announce his forth coming concert this December. Marvellous is now set to host his much talked about concert theme "THE BADDEST"

The concert which was supposed to take place last month was postponed due to unconfirmed circumstances.

But in the early hours of Saturday, the singer/dance took to twitter to announce his readiness to host his highly anticipated concert. However, he never mentioned the name of artist that would headline the event, but a reliable source close to him said the concert will feature top arts like, Adam A. Zango, Bishop Talk, Pherosheuz, Sani Danja, Terry the Rapman, six footplus to mention but a few.

During a little heart-to-heart chat on facebook with his colleague Kevin Tita, marvellous refuses to knowledge the names mentioned above

Instead he said.. “Croc city is blessed with a lot of talent and stars in the making, i don't need to go outside. The concert is a concert 4 d kings and queens in the north; it’s a concert that has never happened before. It’s an even for the who-is-who in d entertainment industry. I don’t want to mention names, All I can say right nw is that me and my Team re working so hard to get d best artist and make d concert if not d best, den one of d best concert croc city has ever witness"

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Anonymous said...

Am sure going to be there live with my frnds... Good work marv

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

E concern u?

Anonymous said...

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