Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Jahbwai is one of those few lucky producers to have made their way into the big ugly Nigerian music/entertainment industry by just putting one hand on the keyboard and the other on the book. From his answers to #TOPCHART we learnt Jahbwai finds his way into the game back from his church boy’s day, where he had to spend extra time in the church just to have a few minutes on the keyboard and other instruments he can lay his fingers on. Here is what he added to us as we pointed the gun at him:

Ø  All I can say is Glory to GOD, it wasn't easy but with the level of artiste am producing and trending of ma work and production is really amazing and as wise men say "real recognize real" I believe now people are seeing the good work that’s why ma name has been trending

Jahbwai is now running his own standard recording studio JAHBEATZ in the F.C.T and is also one of the biggest producers in the region.
Here is also a word to word directed to the new comers by same short black producer, just saying:

Ø  Hustle pays...remember fine boy or 6packs don't pay your bills. So believe and pursue ur dreams, it wasn't funny but @last I STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW AM HERE

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Jahbwai is good