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Hello and welcome to #TOPCHART! In our journey to bring to you northern Nigeria’s finest entertainers and also entertainers on demand. On this episode I had to go deep into the heart of Kaduna to bring to you to you this very special, very special, extremely special young artiste rising very fast and taking over the industry silently. I’m sure this young star is such stars that wake up in a new Bugatti. (ACE HOOD).

Meet with our guest… chart below:

#teamTOP: Welcome to #TOPCHART

Nifty Boi: Thank u

#teamTOP:  So can you please introduce yourself?

Nifty Boi: Aiit...Am Niftyboi a.k.a tha 9thwonder

#teamTOP:  What do you do Niftyboi?

Nifty Boi: I do music...Am a rap artist, song writer and a performer

#teamTOP:  That is good, can you please tell us and the thousands of readers out there a little of your background?

Nifty Boi: Ok...I'm Nifty, real name Enoch Solomon, The last born, from family of Seven, I’m a young rapper, song writer and a performer, I’m a Croc city breed I mean I was born and brought up in Chikun Local Government of Kaduna journey begun way back in 2009 when I started writing my own songs and honing my rap skills.

#teamTOP:  Thank you, so how did you storm into the music scene?

Nifty Boi: It all started when I was coming up. You know nah ghetto things...from listening to hip-hop songs, street cyphers..rap battling..Then I started recording my own songs

#teamTOP:  And now you are fast coming up, that's a nice one. So what were your major challenges then and now?

Nifty Boi: Hmmmm...First of all, It's money, you know money slow to enter and it's quick to go...and talking about marketing here in's very poor..It’s hard for one to get his/her records sold in a perfect way here that's north..But with God and Good music I know things will get better surely

#teamTOP:  Yeah definitely, coming to your career, how can u classify your type of music?

Nifty Boi: It's Hip-hop..Though some features gat the boi jumping on afro-beats

#teamTOP:  (Laughter), so Nifty boi, what are your greatest achievements since you started music?

Nifty Boi: The fans I've know they say what's a star when his most important fan is missing? So I really see that as a great thing, secondly, me been nominated for the TESA AWARDS, The airing of my songs on different radio stations, the shows I've performed...just can't count my blessings (laughter)

#teamTOP:  Yeah, how have the streets accepted you and what you do for the past years?

Nifty Boi: Call me the streets' new's amazing how I came in..Really everybody loves my music and the boy behind the music...and I love that too

#teamTOP:  So what are your future plans?

Nifty Boi: Working on my mix tape album titled "State Of Superiority"#SOS...which by God's grace I'm going to be dropping by next year

#teamTOP:  Wish you all the luck you need. So why do you think northern Nigeria entertainment industry is left behind?

Nifty Boi: I think we lack marketers/Promoters

#teamTOP:  How many songs do you have on ground now?

Nifty Boi: I have 4 singles

#teamTOP:  Are you under any record company's management?

Nifty Boi: No...But I rep Feenique sound cheque...A movement about entertainment

#teamTOP:  Okay, what do you have for your fans out there?

Nifty Boi: To all my fans I want to thank you all for the support, love and the privilege to reach where I am today...God bless you all...Promise to keep that good music coming your way

#teamTOP:  Before we go here is our tradition, among the female Nigerian celebrities who are you having crush for?

Nifty Boi: Lol...Hummmn Muna

14 October

#teamTOP:  Hahaha... So before we round up where are your shout outs going to?

Nifty Boi: Shout out to Croc City, my fans, my friends I'm talking about Skinnyboi,Emmyli,Alazi...etc And again a very very very big shout out to Toptainments...God bless and make you bigger!

#teamTOP:  Amen, so lastly what can you say about this program #TOPCHART?

Nifty Boi: It's really great..And it's taking the Northern Entertainment to a higher ground and I must confess this program is just the bomb..I feel glad to be featured on this...*smiles*

#teamTOP:  Thank you for your time and we wish to have you some other time.

Nifty Boi:  You are welcome and thank you also.

Pweew!!! I’m already becoming this guy’s super fan, this guy is fire!!! Chill not burning fire LOL… I’m sure you did have a wonderful time with Nifty boi, the 8th wonder. You shall be seeing more of him as he is on the space ship to meet master Yoda of star wars…

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Anonymous said...

Welcome on baord a flight to stardom!


skinnybreezy said...

Datz d 9th wonder of d World baby!!

El Josh said...

Not sayin nufin about him...the world will see 4 itself...tuale bruva...@Nifty_official A K A 9th wonder A K A Kroc city's own kid A K A Gunshot A K A...make I keep quiet...hehehe...