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Hello and welcome to #TOPCHART season III! We’ve all had good times from the season 1 and 2 of the most viewed online entertainment interview in the northern region of Nigeria. This season is much more bigger and better, with exclusive interviews with some major names from the entertainment industry of the north and beyond. This season our frequent readers shall also have a say in our interviews with different entertainers and entertainment bodies.

This is the first interview for the #TOPCHART season 3 and we went deep to bring to you someone good looking, multi-talented talented, celebrated, creative, super model, and good clothing designer! I won’t be saying much about him, let’s get to meet him together… I promise you won’t get bored.  

 #teamTOP: Welcome to #TOPCHART_seasonIII.

 Billy Yahaya: Thank u

#teamTOP: So can you please tell our readers who you are and what you do?

 Billy Yahaya: Thank you very much, my name is Billy Yahaya,the c.e.o of BillsClothing,Currently Mr Tourism North Central Ambassador and also an Architect, thanks

#teamTOP: Wow! Bag of talent and creativity. In a paragraph or two can you give us little of your background?

 Billy Yahaya: Thank you, I was born in Saminaka, grew up in Kaduna Metropolis though, am the Second child in my family out of three, having a Younger Brother and an Elder Sister, and am Gure by Tribe from Lere LGA.

#teamTOP: MR.TOURISM... Can you tell us how you got yourself in?

 Billy Yahaya: Yea sure...I was browsing the internet on a cool day, when I came across Mr. Tourism Nigeria, that was 2011,it was free then just need 2 fill the form online attached with a picture, I filled it and received a message for the Auditions, I went for the Audition in Abuja but couldn't make it to the finals in Lagos that year, Applied Again the next year, went to the Audition again in 2012,buh still dint make it to the Finals, that was when I sat and thought on how to get to the finals on the third Edition, Registered in a gymnasium, started workouts and Groomed myself, the third Edition final came and this time around the Audition took place here in Kaduna and 6 other Regions, we were about 25 that Auditioned that day, I this time around Scaled the Audition, and got to Rep my State @ the Finals in Akwa ibom

#teamTOP: Were you already into modeling before contesting for Mr. Tourism or it was your first time?

 Billy Yahaya: It was my First Time, had Passion for it though!

#teamTOP: Wow! Now that you are Mr. Tourism North West region ambassador what are your plans and projects?

 Billy Yahaya: Thank you very much, am having so many plans in my Head but the few am focusing on right now are, Hosting Mr. Tourism Kaduna, A platform that Empower young intellectual men into role model in the society and also helps in Bringing out the talent/skills in them so as they can affect people’s life positively in areas they know Best, and also Planning on Lunching ma Clothing label...that's BillsClothing, were I tend to reduce d issue of unemployment amongst the youth in Kaduna state.

#teamTOP: Am sure a lot of our readers in Kaduna would be so pleased to hear this, how can one get to participate?

 Billy Yahaya: If u are between the age of 17 to 28, U can participate by just getting your Forms #500 @ our Audition Centers and various Forms centre...in Zaria,u can get your forms @ Zaria Hotel ltd, ABU main Campus, and Nuhu Bamali main Campus, in Kafanchan, you can get your Forms @ unity Wonder land, college of Nursing, and keystone Bank plc & in Kaduna metropolis can purchase your Forms @ Chicken republic barnawa, kenfeli palm beach hotel, habil swimming pool and Viviana garden.

#teamTOP: Can you tell us the responsibilities of Mr. Tourism?

 Billy Yahaya: The responsibilities of Mr. Tourism are first of all be able to Stand-for the entire youth in Kaduna, secondly, is to be Intellectually sound/vibrant and able to communicate to a large number of people, Mr. tourism must have a Convincing Aura, Bold and must have Charisma and should be Ready 2 serve and Represent his people/country at any given time and opportunity

#teamTOP: Thank you, what were you challenges before and now?

 Billy Yahaya: My challenges before was how to build myself physically and intellectually, I.e. putting my body in the right shape and also my approach to people, my challenges at the moment is to get sponsors that will believe in my dream and support me for the success of Mr. tourism Kaduna.

#teamTOP: The sky is your limit. So what can you say about the Northern Nigeria Modeling and fashion Industry as a whole?

 Billy Yahaya: Amen....the modeling and Fashion industry here in the Northern Part of Nigeria is generally poor, and this because every individual want to take the glory to him/her self,we don't know how to work together in achieving a goal, we've got bunch of Talents here in the North, Models but no agencies, good tailors but no Platforms for them to develop their skills on fashion designing, we also need investors to come in and invest in the aspect of modeling and fashion industry here in the North, and lastly we really need to work 2gether in reviving the Fashion and Modeling industry around here, thank you

#teamTOP: What are your advice to all the male models out there and those yet to kick off the dream?

 Billy Yahaya: They should never give up on what they're having passion for no matter how difficult it seems to be, that d price u most pay for being successful in modeling, they should also be ready in taking quick decision I.e. Taking Risk, it’s worth taking it

#teamTOP: Now this is always a tradition on #TOPCHART. Who among the Nigerian female celebrities is your crush?

 Billy Yahaya: Lol,Yagga,urrrmmm....Moet of SoundCity

#teamTOP: WOW... So finally what can you say about this interview program #TOPCHART ?

 Billy Yahaya: Yea...#TOPCHART is the COOLIEST interview ever, very intellective...Keep a Good work

#teamTOP: Thank you for your time and we wish you will give us your time next when invited

 Billy Yahaya: Of course, why not?

#teamTOP: Thank you and enjoy the rest of the week

 Billy Yahaya: You welcome

I told you from the start that you won’t get bored and hopefully I was right about that, this young man is a big role model to the society especially to youths with a good mission and vision. From his story you can tell is  not just a day job to hit that fame everyone wish he/she had or will have. Thank you for reading, and be sure to visit our blog on a daily basis for more interviews, news, new releases and promo hints.
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