Friday, 28 February 2014


Skinny Boi aka skinny breezy, aka Mr.still make it rain even through the winter just released the promo CD sticker for his 2014 songs.
In case you are wondering who this young man is, let me help you out; skinny boi is a rap lord, an Igbo guy, Kaduna state breed, good music dropper, feeniques sound check representer, TESA Awards best lyricist, rapper outta this world, keep listing...

Skinny Boi is the same guy with the hit track GOOD MORNING, REVEILING SOOM, OMENAL etc. He has been into the music scene for a very long time and no second was a waste of time as a lot of music artists and music lovers occasionally call him the king of rap from the northern region of Nigeria. That is just a brief intro to his data, watch-out for the promo CDs and make sure you download his songs and feel the vibe. @skinnybreezyfsc

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Heehee, skinny breezyyyyyyy