Saturday, 15 March 2014


Hello and welcome to yet another exciting episode of the online programme FACEofTOP, on this episode we shall be bringing to you one of the finest entertainer from the northern region of Nigeria as he is blessed with multiple talents to keep the ball rolling. Ladies and gentle men enjoy your time as you follow the rest of the programme.
Kaduna state has been bringing up a lot of talents to represent the whole Nation, especially entertainment-wise. Among those the state has been exporting is the young multi-talented rapper ‘HENZEE’ AKA ‘PRINCE HENZEE’. He came into the industry through the backyard without any formal introduction and now he is representing the north and Nigeria as a whole in the international market. Henzee is signed to a Holland based Nigerian record label A-UNIT and having a management deal with one of the most heard DJ in the U.S ‘DJ Scarface’.
Henzee is also on a promotional deal with Ultra Das Factory Kaduna Nigeria. More to Henzee is he has been nominated as one of the best rapper for TESA Awards 2013 which held in Kaduna, won best lyricist GWE Awards 2012, Worn best upcoming act middle belt award 2014.
He also performed at massive shows like the Agila carnival which brought almost all the A-list Nigerian musicians, actors, comedians, record companies etc.
He has done some very popular songs which are still gaining massive airplays and downloads like OPE, NAIJA-GIRLS, NO BE JAZZ among others. His hit single Naija Girls is going to have a visuals for it very soon, which shall be directed by an undisclosed director and as it seems to be shoot in some part of Abuja and Ghana.


I hope you all had a good time on FACEofTOP, be sure to take a tour on the rest of our programmes.

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Anonymous said...

hehehe Henzeeee, I got your back, #steve

Xara David said...

way to go boooooooooo..god bless ur hustle!

emmy said...


Anonymous said...

You blag too much

Anonymous said...

The sky is ur limit my brother