Wednesday, 30 July 2014

ANTICIPATION: NIFTY @Nifty_official - 'TOP SPOT' featuring VirusDitected | SkinnyBoi | SwitLipz

The name Nifty AKA Croc City own kid AKA Nifty Breezy AKA Fine Boi AKA rapper de originato AKA just keep mentioning has never been an unknown name to music lovers around the northern region of Nigeria since he hit hard the industry few years back. For the past few years this young talented rapper (9th wonder of the world) has been keeping our ears busy with his flows tight and steady. This young man came into the picture like a thief in the night and start stepping where mums and dads of the industry are stepping. Nifty won the TESA awards 2013 best new comer which added a lot to his profile and level at which fans, fellow artists and industry men rate him. For more about Nifty; read exclusive interview on #TOPCHART featuring yours in good music here >>> (CLICK) 

Now back to why we are here; Nifty is releasing his mega single of the year 'TOP SPOT' featuring Titans 'SkinnyBoi, VirusDitected and SwitLipz'. No doubt with this caliber of rap icons on one song something is about to happen. Ladies and gentle men anticipate the drop of rap song of the year from the Croc City own kid 'Nifty'.
Single drops 10th/August/2014

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Anonymous said...

Karya suke!!! Nifty Boi respekt

Anonymous said...

we dey wait

Anonymous said...

Dopest collabo