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Hello and welcome to #TOPCHART season III… Here we bring you exclusive interview from your favorite celebrities from the north, and also give upcoming stars a chance to be known and heard by our huge number of readers.

Today which marks the first interview on season III; we bring to you someone who is very good with getting fans on social media; our chart as follows:

@toptainments: Welcome to topchart season III, you are the first to launch this season's opening.
Teddy Bagg:  Wow I feel bless to be the number 1
@toptainments: Can you please tell the thousands of readers out there who you are and what you do?
Teddy Bagg:  I am ROBINSON BAGGINSON JOHNSON jr by name, famously known as TEDDYBAGG ABAGGA am into a lot of things but music in Particular
@toptainments: When and how did you found out you can rap?
Teddy Bagg:  Since the early age of 7 I have this passion for rap music watching them lil Bawow lil Romeo do their things keeping it real at that lil age..I said to myself if they can do it I can and that was how Music found ME. Its like a gift I was born with it #t.bag
@toptainments: This is #TOPCHART season III, we go deeper than before. So, do you think you have fans and your fans love what you offer?
Teddy Bagg:  Yah sure big time! they love everything about teddybagg
@toptainments: That’s good, how would you describe your kind of music?
Teddy Bagg:  my kind of music is a random kind of music depend on how I get inspired
@toptainments: There are unlimited numbers of upcoming and raising artists in the country, what do you think makes u deferent or rather a stand out?
Teddy Bagg:  Hard Work, loyalty & respect
@toptainments: If you where not to be a musical act, what would you have been into?
Teddy Bagg:  Would have been a footballer, am very good at it to but I do music best.
@toptainments: You've been signed to a community MMG. Tell us and the thousands of readers out there what that is all about.
Teddy Bagg:  MMG. (Megatunez music gang) its own by kaduna best rapper 2014 henzee!! I Came into the Gang February 14th 2014 as MMG first artiste, with a nice some of money and some paper work like them taking care of my studio session my shows etc I recently released my second song under MMG and everything has been going nicely..I feel bless to be here.
@toptainments: Okay... That's nice. What are your challenges as an upcoming artist here in the north?
Teddy Bagg:  Getting your songs on top blogs getting your name on top shows...I have overcome all this challenges now it’s be God all the way.
@toptainments: That's nice, but do you really believe those are the major challenge your fellow upcoming artists face now a days?
Teddy Bagg:  Yap and mostly some face capital and sponsorship issues, good artists are out there but no backup to push them up. I don't really believe in da word "hard work" because menh most of these artists. Work real hard but still they will face all this challenges
@toptainments: That sounds promising, who are your influences in the industry
Teddy Bagg:  Henzee, kevin Tita, Ibrahim Jika, Reborn, marvellous, xray, penny, 2Love & mr sence....this names affected my life of music#t.bag
@toptainments: Where do you see yourself in the next 5years?
Teddy Bagg:  God know best but I strongly believe would had taken more steps to my future
@toptainments: You are a Kaduna based upcoming act, among the Kaduna state artists mention 3 who you love to work with in the near future?
Teddy Bagg:  There are lots of great artists here but my top 3 that I will love working with are...SKINNYBOI, REBORN, METRO
@toptainments: That's great... what are your next moves?
Teddy Bagg:  Dropping my next single "Ahelluyah" and shooting my videos. And also do some collaboration with top stars
@toptainments: Nice... How do you deal with your relationship with fans?
Teddy Bagg:  I call them the heart of TEDDYBAGG without them there is no me..So I always treat my fans as them all
@toptainments: It is a tradition here that before rounding up we ask this: among the female celebrities who do you think you have a crush on?
Teddy Bagg:  Opz (eyes closed) EVA............
@toptainments: Laugh… Before you go, what can you say to your fans out there?
Teddy Bagg:  Keep believing in your dreams on whatever you do, put GOD first he alone can take you up there nave you quiet your dreams when hard times comes see it as your step stone to successes...Keep doing good songs, you nave can tell which one will take you there...GOD go make you bigger. Bless
@toptainments: Finally, what can you say about #topchart?
Teddy Bagg:  Bless! Bless!! Bless!!! You guys are real doing a very great job wish there are many more like you..... TOPCHART you guys ROCK menh.....
@toptainments: Thank you and amen... you should anticipate the major hit, this is just a taste of what is coming #iROCK. Thanks for your time and hope to still have you some other time.
Teddy Bagg:  Anytime T.bagg is always around
We hope you had an entertaining chart with Teddy Bagg on #TOPCHART? You can comment with questions that you wish to have him answer and we shall add it up.
Advertise on TOPCHART; call: +2348139362141 or send an email to

Advertise on TOPCHART; call: +2348139362141 or send an email to


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