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Hello and welcome to #TOPCHART season III… Here we bring you exclusive interview from your favorite celebrities from the north, and also give upcoming stars a chance to be known and heard by our huge number of readers.

This episode we are hosting a very controversial guest to the programme, not to waste more time; enjoy as you chat with our guest. 


HYDRA: Thank you am so honored to be here

#TOPCHART: So can you tell our thousands of viewers who you are and what you do?

HYDRA: Well my name is Victor Hydra Aneme, am from Imo state, I’m a rapper/singer/blogger. And the CEO of YAYANEH inc

#TOPCHART: How did you start all this?

HYDRA: I will say growing up I have always loved music, later when I met with Virusdetected shex in 2003 we started a group before he left and joined Da Saint . While I started another group called Ultra Vivid with Slimfaze. And since then I have not turned back till date

I started blogging in early 2013 because I kind of have the talent of writing and I read Mass communication in school, so they all blends

#TOPCHART: How has your career been over the years?

HYDRA: Really good, I can confidently tell you that am progressing. I won best artist back in school and NYSC Camp. I get shows at random. Even media hype. So everything is going as planned I thank God.

#TOPCHART: How would you rate yourself among other northern artists?

HYDRA: Second set pioneer of New school music in Northern Nigeria. And of cause an A list artist/blogger from the north for now.

#TOPCHART: How would you describe 2014 for you.?

HYDRA: A very good year for me, because I achieved one of the things almost every Nigerian youths want which is to serve the nation (NYSC ). I got more connections this year, more money and I got wiser too.
#TOPCHART: Who are your influences in the industry?

HYDRA: Internationally Lil Wayne, Kanye West, drake, big Sean. While locally ice prince, Timaya, MI, Skales.

#TOPCHART: You are a known name in some major parts of your home town Kaduna, how do you deal with competition?

HYDRA: Lol I don't compete with no one, I just do my thing, even tho some healthy competition is good for the industry to grow I don't still see anyone as a threat or vice versa. If I see a colleague that is doing well I encourage and support him/her I don't hate. Afterall "no be person wey first call police dey win case" some upcoming artist can even be bigger than Hydra, Skales, Marvelous and even Virusdetected tomorrow.

#TOPCHART: Why do you choose to be an artist?

HYDRA: I didn't choose music, she chose me. As I said earlier on I was born with entertainment in my system. For the record I don't only sing or rap, I am an actor and a presenter too; I can even try comedy sef Lol

#TOPCHART: Jag of all trade huh? So, from research you are the naughty type and also have so many issues with some others Kaduna entertainers. Why is that so?

HYDRA: I won't deny the fact that am naughty, but as for having issues with other entertainers I will say that's a fallacy. I have no problem with anybody. Most recently I have attended many shows where my other colleagues where present and we blended very well. Am the kind of person that speaks my mind especially on social media, so when I do this it generates lots of controversies and comments in which some might sound malicious, thereby making people feel I have problems with people. I don't In fact they are all my friends, *in Ice Prince voice* the whole of Kaduna is my guys Lol

#TOPCHART: Are you under any contract deal with any company?

HYDRA: No am not

#TOPCHART: What do you have for your fans 2015?

HYDRA: First of all I want to thank them for being patient with me. 2015 I am going to drop one of my hit single titled "S'ope" including the video. My team YAYANEH are really working hard to package me for next year, so we named it the year of blow worldwide I mean.

#TOPCHART: Okay this is a tradition on #TOPCHART that every person we interview most tell us his/her crush in the Nigerian and international entertainment house. Who is (are) yours?

HYDRA: Lol, the international scene I love Nicki Minaj, while in naija them plenty o Daniela Okereke, Mercy Johnson, Yemi Alade, Seyi Shey. While in kaduna Lol don't worry about that one for now

#TOPCHART: Am sure the readers would wana know who. We also wana know

HYDRA: Lol I don't want to call names for now, but don't worry I will in the nearest future

#TOPCHART: As you wish... So where do you see yourself in the 5years?

HYDRA: Hmmmmmm I see myself as the biggest act in Africa, not just famous but stinking rich.

#TOPCHART: So before we round up, what do you have to tell the hundreds of thousands readers out there?

HYDRA: Be the best you can be and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it. And to the upcoming artist make sure you love what you do, work hard; bring out money to promote yourself. And lastly always pray to God.                                                                                                                                                                     I want to make a shout out to my manager Belluci, Mc Bahws, Slimfaze, Sound Mike my producer, All Caritas university students both old and new. Everybody repping YAYANEH and most importantly to toptainment for this wonderful interview. Peace and God bless////
That was Hydra ladies and gentle men; I hope you enjoyed every bit of the chat with him… Follow us next as we bring to you other great northern Nigerian entertainers in and outside the country. Its #TOPCHART season III bye bye…

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