Saturday, 11 April 2015


Simon Oshi AKA Prolific or Mr. Igalaba as many may know him is undoubtedly one of the balling young boys in the F.C.T. Just like the rich kids of Beverly Hills this young adult is no different as he has no concern for price tag and how to live life as his age mates are expected to.  
Here is some profile you should know about this young man: Simon Oshi is the CEO Prolific Entertainment and Prolific Foundation, the last son of late Chief Oshi, an international businessman /philanthropist.
Like the saying goes “like father like son” prolific who got his degree in Russia and a software programming degree in Malaysia is a philanthropist and has gone extra miles to put smiles on people’s faces all over Nigeria and beyond.
Prolific Foundation sponsored over 6 students to Universities in both turkey and Canada respectively and paid waec fees for over 21 students in the Northern and the eastern parts of Nigeria is committed to do more. The question now is 'how and where does he gets his money?' Also on the other hand some readers would be wondering if every word said above is true... Well, you just comment with your questions and be sure to get answers from Mr. Oshi directly. how cool is that?
This is the Range Rover Sport 2010 brand owned by Prolific
(Looks like someone should help him say Amin to the Baptizing) 

Almost every young adult that get lots of what he wished for loves to show it off, Prolific is no different, check this pictures after the cut...

Also Prolific is a middle career manager to some great musicians including the super star Emmyli...
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Anonymous said...

That old range na y him dey say him get money? bwai this is Abuja, becareful