Friday, 12 August 2016


The Unbeatable DJ Broonzypresents Straight Outta Adamawa (Mix).

As we are busy enjoying the first official single SHOWCASE ft. Ricwes, Joevan & Ice cent. DJ Broonzy decided to send more cake to the table of his home town (Yola) with a Mix, titled “Straight Outta Adamawa (Mix)”.

The mix contains some of the biggest hit songs in Adamawa’sHip Hop, Afro pop & of course Dancehall.

This is a mix worth having a lifetime, and as always he is giving it out free of charge.


1.       MauPheen - Spinning (Prod. by JoeRex)
2.       FlexBizzle – Invisible  ft. Kave
3.       KaVe – Life
4.       Natty Bard – Demons
5.       Karams - I Ride
6.       MarTino Elcasino - SANDA (Panda Cover}
7.       Raino - Dreams
8.       Lazz – WCBL
9.       Ricwes - Mogambo X Cylent
10.   Mx - Break It Down
11.   A'One - Oluwa Tishe
12.   Mickey X B.O.C – Rawani
13.   JReal - Nana
14.   MarQoz - No Trace No Sign
15.   Jussy J - Ke Kadai  ft. B.O.C
16.   Peter Radio Captain @Lunchbox And A Crazy Lady
17.   Floplus x Ice Cent x Tunes – Shaba
18.   Flo'Plus ft. Ice cent - Abani kidi
19.   Stacy - Dope
20.   Lil Dozo - BadMan Tin
21.   Joevan – Franka
22.   Fraggie - All Night
23.   Micell – Ragga
24.   Ice Cent - Showtym Gal
25.   Mykebou - Beautiful Ft. Zoe D
26.   DJ Broonzy - Showcase ft Ricwes,JoeVan & Ice Cent
27.   Elmozay - Catching Cold ft. Xsem
28.   Xsem ft. Cannon SA - Party up!
29.   Xsem - Ghetto Ft DJ Broonzy
30.   Phaze2 - My Story
31.   Xtrim - Awom Temi (Ma Goons on Deck)
32.   A J Lenekz -Take it (Cover)
33.   Tesh ft. Maupheen – Alright
34.   FlexBizzle  - AssalamuAlaikum
35.   Cylent - Agbalumo x WhiteLight x T-Smooth
36.   ANATARE - ft. Ricwes - Flex Bizzle, Kave & MauPheen
37.   Zino - Shut up u be God (prod. by Gben)
38.   MSHB - Shuga
39.   Musty White - Gangan Zamani
40.   Tregs-Dance Kabadash
41.   DJ Broonzy - My Money ft. Tunes X Lil Dozo

Monday, 1 August 2016

MUSIC: Burning Soundz - Ba Matsala (No Wahala)

Burning soundz has been a boss in the game for a long time. . For those who reside in the northern part of Nigeria could recall how strong he took over the game back then with he's Patua kind of flow. After which he had to go low key to strike back. He did a collabo with northern Nigeria's multiple award winning act DH(Soyaya) and then he came out again With King Henzee on Outta Ghetto! Shortly after that the king decided to drop a single for all he's faithful fans, and he calls this one 'BA MATSALA' (NO WAHALA)